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Inverse Function Exponential Function Maclaurin Series Complex Number Exponential Form

Complex Number Exponential Form

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proof complex number exponential form


Please try these questions.

  1. Given 2+3i. Treat 2 (the real part) as an x coordinate and 3 (the imaginary part) as a y coordinate.

    1. Sketch the x,y axes and mark this point on the graph. Label it P.
    2. Draw the line OP and find its length r. (Call r the “modulus”).
    3. Find the angle θ between OP and the x axis. (Call θ the “argument”).
    4. Rewrite 2+3i in the form r(cosθ + i sinθ). (Called the polar form).

  2. Prove that cosθ + i sinθ = e using these steps:

    1. Write out the first 4 terms in the Maclaurin’s series for cosθ, sinθ and e.
    2. Show for the first 4 terms that cosθ + i sinθ = e. (Called Euler’s formula.)

  3. Given 2+3i. Write this in the form r e. Call this the exponential form.

Past Exam Questions

In this video, I shall go through some past exam questions.

2007 H2 maths P1 Q7

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9 May 2014