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Inverse Function

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proof inverse function existence


Please try these questions.

  1. Consider the functions f(x) = x²+5 and g(x) = 2x. When x = 2, calculate the values of f(x), g(x), fg(x) and f-1(x).

  2. Consider the mapping x → x²+5. Given that the domain is 0 < x < 1 and that the codomain is 4 < y < 6. Sketch a graph of y = x²+5. Why is this a function?

  3. Consider the inverse mapping. Why is this not a function? If we can change the codomain, what can we do make this inverse mapping a function?

  4. Let f(x) = x² + 5. Write this using the f and → notation. Using the new codomain of f, find the inverse function f-1. State the domain and codomain of f-1.

  5. g(x) = 2x has domain 0 < x < 1 and codomain 0 < y < 2. Sketch a graph of y = g(x). Why is f(g(x)) not a function?

Past Exam Questions

In this video, I shall go through some past exam questions.

2007 H2 maths P1 Q2

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9 May 2014