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Maclaurin Series

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proof maclaurin series


Please try these questions.

  1. Write out the first 4 terms of series for (1+x)1/2. Let x = 0.01. Calculate (1+x)1/2 using a calculator.

  2. Write down the first term of the series.

  3. Find the sum of the first 2 terms of the series.

  4. Find the sum of the first 3 terms.

  5. Find the sum of the first 4 terms.

  6. Make a table with 3 columns. Write in column 1 the number of terms, in column 2 the sum of those terms.

  7. For each sum, find its difference from the calculator answer and write this difference in column 3.

  8. Explain how to check whether there is convergence.

Past Exam Questions

In this video, I shall go through some past exam questions.

2008 HCI H2 maths P2 Q1

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Dr Hock
9 May 2014